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We see what you can be. Receive indispensable knowledge from one of the world’s most innovative companies.

Finishing school can be a rollercoaster of emotion. You have completed a formative chapter in your life, and your sights are set on shaping the next one. You are filled with youthful energy and trying to decide which of your interests would be the most rewarding to explore.

At AVL, the opportunities to further develop and achieve your goals are endless. With a variety of professions to choose from, it is easy to select which one feels right for you. We look forward to receiving your application.

Your future awaits.


Apprentice today, employee tomorrow. This is our approach to growing the AVL family with the next generation of great minds. AVL’s apprentice training program provides you with an abundance of theoretical knowledge and improved social skills. This is all part of our comprehensive approach to enriching the young minds who will be the experts of tomorrow.

Apprentice Training Concept
Our philosophy begins with forming a firm base of knowledge for our apprentices. We provide training geared towards the professional and personal development for the individuals who take part in it. At AVL, we regularly conduct performance checks to ensure that all industrial-technical apprentices are receiving adequate training and experience. This is because we believe in providing a comprehensive, high-quality education to all of our people.
To provide you with insight into the various areas of specialization at AVL, we work on a rotation system. For you, this means that your position changes every six months to a year, allowing you to gain in-depth knowledge in more than one area within the company.
We also firmly believe in the power of collaboration; therefore, we pair our apprentices with a more experienced mentor to optimize the learning process. This provides a sense of community through an enhanced company culture.

We take your training seriously. We want to ensure that you gain as much experience and expertise as possible during your time as an apprentice. Developing the youth of today is the key to a brighter future for all of us. We believe we can make the world a better place and to do so, we need to ensure that tomorrow’s experts are provided with the support they deserve today. Throughout the apprenticeship phase, you will experience a lot of personal growth, and your communication, language and cultural skills will evolve. You will learn about occupational safety, quality management, health and much more.

Throughout your time at AVL, you will receive daily guidance from our trainers, who you might consider as your constant companions. We implemented a program to ensure that our trainers have the right tools for the job, and they themselves have undergone training to ensure that they can impart their knowledge effectively. Their training is not only in specialist knowledge, but also in how to be the best supervisors and coaches possible.


In addition to a professional apprenticeship in one of the most innovative companies in Austria, a variety of benefits await you.

Newcomer Week
Your first week at AVL starts with a “Newcomer Week,” where all new apprentices have the chance to get to know each other and the company. In an individual setting with a tailored schedule, we make it easier for you to find your feet at AVL.

Internships Abroad
As an international company, we actively help you get working experience outside of Austria. This means we help you find the ideal field and country for your internship, supporting you with all of your organizational needs and even covering your costs.

Additional Trainings and Coaching
We want to prepare you for your career in the most effective way. Keeping this in mind, we have a tailored training program that includes personal development and communication specialist training. We also offer theoretical lessons that prepare you for vocational school or the final apprenticeship exam (in Austria, this is called the “Lehrabschlussprüfung”) and English courses.

Finish an Apprenticeship with a High School Diploma
During your apprenticeship, you can also acquire a high school diploma. In Austria, this option is called the “Lehre mit Matura.” We offer in-house preparatory courses that are held partly during working hours. You will finish these courses during your apprenticeship at AVL.

Outstanding performances get rewarded. Going above and beyond (getting graded as “good” or “excellent”) in vocational school or on the final apprenticeship exam is rewarded with bonus payments.

Attractive Compensation
As an automotive supplier, AVL’s salaries are set by the collective bargaining agreement for industrial companies. Any increase is linked to the annual collective bargaining negotiations in the fall. This means you will benefit from an attractive and generous apprenticeship wage.

Social Package
AVL offers you several benefits during your apprenticeship. Among other things, you can participate in our health program, which advises you on topics related to health care and nutrition. You have access to our health and culture fund along with our cafeteria that offers fresh food and beverages at reduced prices.

Public Transport Accessibility
AVL’s headquarters is centrally located in Graz. The main train station is only a kilometer away, and several bus and tram stops are right around the corner.

Application Process

You have decided to begin the journey for a successful future career with an apprenticeship at AVL. Since the next step is to apply, here are a few tips about the application process:

  • To begin, find out which profession fits your talents and interests. You can find an overview in our online job portal.
  • Next, set up a user profile in the job portal. Important: Please fill in all of the relevant fields and provide all of the required documents, including the application, a CV and a copy of your last two school transcripts.
  • Starting in November, you can submit your application. We do not have a hard deadline for applications. These are reviewed on a rolling basis until all apprenticeship positions are filled.
  • If selected, you will be invited to take an entrance exam (based on knowledge from school). This is then be followed by a personal interview
  • After this, you will be invited to participate in a seminar. This gives you the chance to get to know the company better and learn more about the practical activities of the apprenticeship.
  • If successful in this seminar, you will be offered an apprenticeship contract, which you will need to sign with a guardian.
  • On October 1, we will welcome all newcomers with a newcomer week, which will help you get to know the other participants and the company.

Apprenticeship Compensation

The level of apprentice compensation at AVL is based on the collective agreement for companies in the automotive industry. An increase is always linked to the annual collective agreement negotiations in the fall. (Status 2021/22):

  • YEAR 1: € 900
  • YEAR 2: € 1,000
  • YEAR 3: € 1,325
  • YEAR 4: € 1,750