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AVL is more than happy to assist you in the completion of your thesis. We are always in search of up-and-coming talent and believe in the power of investing in young people. We can offer a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge at an early stage in your career to help you broaden your experience.

Our departments have several ready-prepared thesis topics for you to choose from. Should one of these be of interest, please get in touch with the appropriate representative. If your interest lies outside of these defined topic areas, it is still possible to collaborate with us. If you have already defined a project with your adivsor, present it to the respective AVL department. We may be able to find a solution that works for everyone.

During your time here, we do not just provide you with information and know-how, but we will also assist you during the research phase of your project. Once you have completed your thesis, AVL will compensate your efforts with a one-time financial payment.

We are look forward to exploring innovative topics with you.

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