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Career Paths

At AVL, the wide variety of technical or business fields that we operate in, as well as the diverse range of customers we have, are not easily matched by other organizations in the automotive industry. To fulfil our obligations to our customers in these areas, a career at AVL can take you down either a Leadership Career path or an Expert Career path.

We offer continuous professional development to our people in all of the many fields we specialize in. Each individual employee’s development opportunities are evaluated at least once a year during our Annual Performance and Development Appraisal.

In the course of this yearly development talk, employees get the opportunity to proactively contribute to their own professional advancement. This can either be in the form of further development within their current path, or it might even offer them the chance to change their path completely.

Expert Career

The Expert Career:
The Expert Career path at AVL emphasizes the importance of specialist experts in the ongoing success of our business. This path can be found in all of our fields of business and structured with of a grading system that consists of five levels. This structure has been designed to enable career advancement in areas that range from research to development, service, project management, product management and sales (among others).

On the Expert Career path, you will develop and master relevant skills in order to show outstanding performance and expertise within the company, as well as when interacting with customers. By the time you become a high-ranking expert, you will be directly involved in professional decision-making processes at AVL.

Leadership Career

Leadership Career:
We believe management entails a lot more than just managing people and projects. If, alongside your expert knowledge, one of your strengths is to help people develop, then we offer good opportunities to prepare and guide you towards becoming a leader in development.

Our excellent in-house Leadership Development Program is open for talented individuals to discover if this is a path they want to take. Tools to analyze your potential and joint programs with business schools in Austria and all over the world offer you everything you need to flourish. As many previous candidates will confirm, this is a unique personal and professional experience that lets you manage your own development according to your own competences and interests.

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