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Training Facilities and Institutions

The AVL Training Program consists of a wide range of professional development tools and programs. We deliver this broad offering through internal trainings either online or on site at our facilities at the AVL Academy, AVL Skills Center and AST Training Center.

AVL Academy
Most on-site corporate training centers usually only cover a few key topics. The AVL Academy, however, is a complete on-site university with a building dedicated to higher education. In our extensive facility, we have twenty different classrooms as well as a video studio that is used to capture and share the knowledge of our experts. This is then distributed across our 45 worldwide locations. The AVL Academy has delivered 2,000 on-site training sessions, including 20,000 cumulative training days. It also has a powerful learning platform that provides access to 500 web-based training modules.

AVL Skills Center and AST Training Center
Our internal training facilities, the AVL Skills Center and the AST Training Center, offer highly professional customer and employee training for using our hardware and software products. The training facilities and programs are provided to both our customers and our employees, so that we can offer the best service possible, and our customers can get the best return on their investment.

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