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Recruitment Fairs and Events

At AVL, personal contact is particularly important to us. That is why we want to get to know you in person. Come meet our automotive experts at the following events and career fairs:







Recruiting Day HTL Mödling virtual 01.02.2022 click here
Firmentag HTL Wolfsberg HTL Wolfsberg Wolfsberg 01.03.2022  
VUT Brno FSI Brno 03.03.2022  
Partner und Career Day der IT St. FH Joanneum Graz 08.03.2022  
Recruiting Day HTBLA Kaindorf virtual 11.03.2022  
Firmentag HTL Wr. Neustadt HTL Wr. Neustadt Wr. Neustadt 31.03.2022  
First Contact First Contact Deggendorf 05.04.2022  
Allgäuer Hochschulmesse Hochschule Kempten Kempten 06.04.2022  
Firmentag Steyr HTL Steyr Steyr 08.04.2022  
Firmentag HTL Salzburg Salzburg 06.04.2022  
Firmentag HTL Kapfenberg Kapfenberg 27.04.2022  
Firmentag HTL Weiz Weiz 27.04.2022 click here
Firmentag am Francisco Josephinum ​​​​​​​ Francisco Josephinum Wieselburg 28.04.2022  
CVUT Prag IASTE Prague 03.05.2022  
Teconomy Slovenia IAESTE Maribor 10.05.2022 click here
Meet & Match FH Kärnten virtual 12.05.2022 click here
Teconomy Leoben IAESTE Leoben 17.05.2022 click here
Recruiting Day VDI VDI Stuttgart Juni 2022  
Contact Ingolstadt TU Ingolstadt Ingolstadt Juni 2022  
Karrieremesse KIT Karlsruhe KIT virtual 19.-22.07.2022 click here
FSA Formula Student Spielberg 27.-30.07.2022 click here
Firmenmesse FH Technikum Wien ​​​​​​​ FH Technikum Wien Wien Oktober 2022  
Inova TU Ilmenau Ilmenau Oktober 2022  
Industriemesse Göppingen Hochschule Esslingen Göppingen Oktober 2022  
Connecta Connecta Regensburg Oktober 2022  
FH Hagenberg Karrieremesse FH Hagenberg Hagenberg 18.-20.10.2022  
Bonding Aachen Bonding Aachen 08-10.11.2022  
beWANTED BEST Graz Graz November 2022 click here
Teconomy Wien IASTE Vienna 16.11.2022  
Future Engineers (FH) FH Joanneum Graz 16.11.2022 click here
CareerDay OTH Amberg Amberg November 2022  
HOKO HOKO Munich November 2022  
Career Days Universität Ulm Ulm November 2022  
Karrieretage RWU Weingarten Weingarten November 2022  
Tag der Elektrotechnik HTWG Konstanz Konstanz November 2022  
Karrierebörse TH Ulm Ulm November 2022  
TIC Career Day HS Reutlingen Reutlingen November 2022  

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