Cost-effective and modular

AVL Battery Development for Truck and Bus

Development of future solutions – from grid to road

AVL has gained substantial experiences in the field of battery development to support future electrification and CO2-free mobility. AVL offers customer-oriented, tailored solutions from systems engineering to provision of functional prototypes, development and validation of series production bound systems.

The Challenge

The increasing number of local low- and zero-emission zones as well as the low CO2 footprint in the transportation industry affects powertrain and vehicle development.

  • How can I balance product cost, weight and the CO2 benefit of the battery system?
  • Which battery system allows flexible adaptation to local requirements?
  • Which charging solution meets different standards in different markets?
  • Which solution guarantees access to urban / low-emission zones?

The AVL Solution

AVL bridges the gap between OEMs and cell/battery producers and develops both high-power (for HD applications) and high-energy type battery packs (for LD trucks) including charging systems for hybrid electric and full electric vehicles.

  • Layout, specification and development of specific battery and charging system solutions for the individual application from concept to SOP
  • Modular battery systems including advanced thermal management concepts enabling high performance charging
  • Advanced battery management control functions optimizing battery performance and durability
  • Layout and development of high performance AC and / or DC charging solutions (HW & SW) for all local charging standards
  • Reliability and durability engineering to achieve commercial vehicle productivity demands
  • Cell testing and benchmarking
  • Prototype and A/B sample build
  • BMS development (HW and SW) for series production

The Added Value

  • Tailored solutions thanks to AVL‘s leading experience in commercial powertrain engineering combined with cross-industry electrification know-how
  • Smart and cost-efficient solutions due to expert know-how of all relevant components and their system interaction
  • Limited development and validation cost due to modular concepts enabling high share of component and sub-system re-use.
  • High system performance and component durability as well as short time-to-market due to AVL’s proven model-based development approach (front-loading)
  • High product quality and low warranty risk by applying AVL’s unique validation methodology
  • Flexible prototype and small fleet vehicle assembly based on long experience with electrification systems
  • Worldwide calibration, validation and testing capabilities for components, systems and vehicles to provide high flexibility and short reaction time