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Benchmarking Solution for Commercial Vehicles

Commercial and agricultural vehicle benchmarking in a competitive landscape of newly released vehicles

A specific, distinctive vehicle attribute branding is essential to make commercial vehicles and off road-machines unique and competitive. As a first step on the way, vehicle manufacturers are benchmarking their vehicles in the competitive environment in order to understand and to strengthen the potential of their vehicles.


The Challenge

Entering new markets and defining the competitiveness of the product

  • What is existing in the market?
  • What is missing in the market?
  • How to define the right positioning and technology level in the new market?
  • How to define the right product targets and attributes for the new market?


The AVL Solution

AVL offers a comprehensive vehicle benchmarking analysis of the most important, recently released vehicles so that the customers can enter new markets in the most competitive position. AVL’s objective benchmark delivers an objective overview of key performance criteria and main attributes in a competitive scatter bands of >150 vehicles.


The Added Value

Customer benefits:

  • Objective product positioning and target definition
  • Widely spread competitive comparison
  • Cost efficient vehicle benchmarking
  • Competent root cause analysis or target deviations


  • Trucks and Busses
  • Agricultural tractors and implements
  • Construction Equipment



  • Highlighting of strengths and weaknesses within the competitor scatter bands data.
  • Information about best of class behavior
  • Development targets for new models
  • Basis for model revisions


For tractor and implements, trucks and busses, construction equipment and related powertrain or powertrain components

  • Different Benchmarking types are e.g.:
    • Fuel consumption and CO2-emission
    • Productivity
    • Drivability
    • Technology and functionality
    • Noise emission
    • Conventional Emissions (CO, NOx,…)
  • Benchmarking methods
    • Objective drivability benchmarking: AVL-DRIVE
    • Drive cycle measurements and related efficiency and performance benchmarking
    • Testbed tests and related efficiency and performance benchmarking
    • Drive cycle analysis & system simulation
    • Expert analysis and design benchmarking
  • Benchmarking outcome
    • Scatterband showing actual product positioning
    • Target setting based on objective data