Minimizing risk and failure

Reliability Engineering Solution for Commercial Vehicles

Support in reliability, risk management and safety topics in all phases of the product cycle

Reliability is a key characteristic, which significantly influences the economic success of a machine. The reliability of products is especially essential for success in the agricultural and commercial industry. To ensure the right product quality, a permanent risk management system is needed across the complete development process.


The Challenge

  • How can we evaluate risks as detailed as necessary?
  • How does an optimum design validation plan look like?
  • How does the test program look like?


The AVL Solution

The AVL reliability team supports you in reliability, risk management and safety topics in all phases of the product cycle – from concept to development to volume production. AVL is focusing on failure free products in the field of agricultural and commercial vehicle engineering. AVL reliability engineering provides a wide portfolio of expertise, methods and tools for securing tractor reliability and durability.

The Added Value

  • Most effective combination of scientific methods and best-practice approaches
  • Validation optimization with AVL LOAD MATRIX
  • Fleet health monitoring
  • State-of-the-art statistical and optimization methods
  • Efficient integration in your processes
  • Highly integrated teamwork between customer, supplier and AVL
  • International patents on reliability methodology
  • Improvement of product reliability and reduction of warranty costs
  • An unbiased view on a sensitive topic
  • Absolute confidentiality


  • Setup and elaboration of a safety program for hybrid powertrains
  • Complete planning of the reliability test program for a new truck family
  • Lifetime extension program for an agricultural tractor powertrain
  • Validation optimization for an exhaust gas after-treatment systems
  • Warranty reduction program for a heavy duty truck engine
  • Elaboration of a series of system, design and software FMEAs for an off-road powertrain
  • Warranty risk estimation for long term warranty parts
  • Design of reliability program for a large engine for gen-set application
  • Optimized reliability test planning for fuel cells
  • Reliability consulting for innovative powertrain systems


Reliability engineering:

  • Design for reliability
  • FMEAs
  • Change and concern management
  • Comprehensive customer profile definition
  • Validation optimization with AVL LOAD MATRIX ®
  • Fleet health monitoring
  • Reliability growth (MTBF)
  • Sophisticated statistical field data analysis


DVP (Design Validation Plan)

  • Risk based assessment regarding design risks, application & load risks and economic risks
  • Prioritization for DVP-definition
  • Definition of test program
  • Includes rig tests, test stand tests, vehicle tests


Load Spectra

  • Calculation of gear usage distribution and load spectra including vehicle and transmission specification
  • Experienced based assumptions by customer and AVL, measurement data & reference measurements


Durability Load Test

  • Derive durability load test from load spectra
  • Test cycle for test bench test
  • Planned inspection and oil samples