In-depth knowledge of state-of-the-art technologies

Testing and Validation Solution for Commercial Vehicles

Testing and validation of tractor vehicles and its sub-components (transmissions, axles, engine and software) on testbeds and on the road / field

AVL offers a state-of-the-art set of validation methodologies and techniques which are linked to the phases of the product development cycle of the complete powertrain.


The Challenge

Tailor made and state of the art test program to reach comparable results

  • How can a well-tailored test program, optimized for the product and the customer needs, be created?
  • How can a test program, optimized regarding development time for a complex mechatronic system, be run?
  • How can clear test results, for an efficient development, be created?


The AVL Solution

Based on customer requirements, AVL develops and executes well-tailored test programs, optimized for the product and customer needs. From functional verification up to durability tests on testbeds and in the field a broad experience is available within AVL. Additionally, AVL offers powerful model based test- and development platforms in MiL, SiL and HiL environment for software controlled, mechatronic systems.

The employment of state of the art test automation technologies guarantees cost optimized testing by concurrent high test coverage and a maximum degree of reusability. The wide range of experience in testing and development within AVL guarantees a competent and professional processing of AVLs customers’ requirements.


The Added Value

  • Development partner with deep knowledge for tractor validation and its components
  • Procedures and tools optimized for tractor validation
  • Test benches for components and complete vehicles
  • Fully developed and proven plant models
  • Development and production of controls out of one hand
  • Robust controls design and cost effectiveness
  • High quality development focus and judgment with strict controls quality gate integrated into the development process
  • Overall process and supplier management


  • Tractor development until SOP for European and US Market
  • Seasonal field tests with tractor fleet under real conditions
  • Verification and validation of tractor cooling system
  • Chassis component test and improvements of structural parts
  • Software validation in specific test cases and field applications
  • NVH optimization
  • Fine tuning of calibration
  • Development and test of safety functions for SOP for German OEM
  • HiL test environment for AVL BMS
  • HiL BMS system validation on HiL and battery tester
  • OBD validation for heavy duty truck engine on HiL
  • BSW software validation on HiL of 8 gear automatic transmission
  • Multiple HiL testbed configurations for e-drive applications