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AVL provides comprehensive instrumentation solutions for the consumption measurement of fuel, intake air mass, blow by, oil and urea on the engine testbed as well as for in vehicle fuel consumption measurement.

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PLUtronize beyond limits

AVL PLUtron™

Fuel flow meter

With AVL PLUtron™ AVL provides unique fuel consumption measurement technology for the entire engine development process – from component testing, to engine testbed applications and even vehicle testing at chassis dyno and on the road. Request the AVL PLUtron™ Solution Sheet here.
Blow-by measurement nowadays is standard on engine testbeds. To be able to comply with the emission legislation for new combustion engines today and in the future, the requirements for crankcase ventilation systems will continue to increase. In order to design these systems, knowledge of engine blow-by mapping is also required. This and the possibility of continuous measurement of the blow-by flow to monitor the engine condition make the AVL Blow By Meter an indispensable instrument for...
The AVL FLOWSONIX™ Air determines the intake air mass flow with high accuracy, large turndown ratio and fast response time.
The combination of AVL Fuel Balance and AVL Fuel Temperature Control is a highly precise fuel consumption measurement and conditioning system.
The AVL Fuel Mass Flow Meter and AVL Fuel Temperature Control combine high accuracy and excellent temperature stability even with short measurement times.
The AVL Fuel Reference is a professional calibration system for the efficient verification of AVL measurement devices and their setup on the testbed.
The FuelExact is a high precision fuel consumption measurement system. It ensures higher testbed efficiency by determining fuel consumption with the highest precision and minimum measurement time.
The AVL Oil Consumption Meter permits rapid, professional and clean measurement of oil consumption, as well as oil refilling.
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