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E-Vehicle Design

Electric vehicles are no longer a trend but an established fact. In order to make the correct decision on which technological approach – BEV (battery electric vehicle) or REEV (range extended electric vehicle) - best meets the requirements of the market, the manufacturers specific boundary conditions and economic aspects have to be balanced with a multidisciplinary approach. For the design engineers at AVL this challenge is well known. To find the solution that meets best the required attributes, 60 years of engineering experience are used to optimize performance, efficiency, reliability and comfort as well as the production and component costs and - finally - the system price.

AVL Solution

  • Concept and model-based system and component development
  • Function development and system integration
  • Utilization of synergy effects for the best overall system performance and reliability
  • Requirement engineering and component development
  • Electric vehicle build-up and development
  • Optimized system verification oriented on user profile
  • Cost-sensitive product and quality planning


Customer Benefits

  • Proven development tools and processes
  • Newest proven technology
  • Tailored solution for specific customer vehicle requirements
  • Reduced development effort and complexity by pre-developed  AVL solution concepts
  • Single development partner for the five powertrain elements: E-motor, SW and control, transmission, electric energy storage, combustion engine
  • Neutral benchmarking and concept validation


AVL electric vehicle development team, services, tools and processes are well proven with internal R&D and customer projects. Funded development programs and international cooperation with leading partners underline AVL's leading edge development competence for e-vehicle systems. These projects include:

  • Audi A1 e-tron
  • Involvement in 20 additional EV customer projects
  • AVL EVARE vehicle with innovative rotary-engine range extender
  • 5 funded programs for technology development