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Powertrain Controls

Controls are a key characteristic to differentiate the behavior of your Powertrain in regards of performance, emissions, diagnostics and brand style.  AVL delivers modular control software and independent solutions for prototype and production powertrains

AVL Solution

AVL Powertrain Controls development compiles the whole AVL Powertrain know-how into innovative Software solutions. Beside this exceptional experience, the AVL Controls team drives a cutting-edge development approach while doing a front-loading development by using Model-in-the-loop and Software-in-the-loop simulation as integral part to create smart and efficient Controls solutions. 

  • Controls for Prototyping and Production applications for Passenger Cars, On-Road and Non-Road Commercial Vehicles
  • E-mobility solutions for Hybrids, Batteries and pure Electric Vehicles
  • Independent Controls Validation and Verification of Controls
  • Full Automotive compliant software development
  • Consulting in processes, methods, tools and technical solutions

E-mag: Software and Electronics

  •  Development and production Controls out of one hand – synergies through a front loaded development approach
  •  Robust controls design and cost effectiveness – Model-in-the-loop and Software-in-the-loop simulation for an early verification and validation 
  •  Strong focus on high quality development focus and judgment while having strict controls quality gate integrated into the development process 
  • High-level Powertrain Management System competence for prototyping and production solutions

AVL Powertrain Controls for Gasoline, Diesel, Hybrid of Electrical Powertrains are applied in various production and prototyping application in various branches:

  •  Passenger Cars
  •  Trucks
  •  Construction Machines
  •  Agricultural Machines
  •  Large Engines for ships, locomotive or Genset applications
  •  2-Wheelers
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General | Februar 2014