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AVL Data Acquisition with F-FEM/F-FEM SNAP-IN

The products of the AVL Data Acquisition stand for highly precise measurements, demand value settings and control under rough testbed conditions.

AVL Solution

With the new product family F-FEM Snap-in the data acquisition is shifted to the pallet in a vibration and IP65-protected manner.

Your Benefits

  • Reduction of measurement cycles leading to shorter tests; high reproducibility of measurement results
  • No extra signal conditioning: measurement modules are installed close to the UUT meaning sensor lines are kept short to minimize interference
  • No spare channels required: many different signal types are supported on one channel
  • Full synchronization of the measurement signals to each other and to the automation system
  • Short parameterization times

AVL F-FEM 19“ (available also as SNAP-IN unit):


16 channels for the measurement of voltages, currents, temperatures, resistances and measuring bridges


32 channels for the measurement of temperatures and small voltages


16 channels for the measurement of voltages and currents


8 channels for output of voltages and/or currents and 16 discrete input and output channels for digital control signals

Pressure Measurement SNAP-IN unit (as SNAP-IN available only)

For acquisition of up to 12 independent pressure signals in the field of engine and powertrain testing

AVL F-FEM for DIN rail mounting: 


16 discrete input and output channels for digital control signals


4 + 2 counter channels for event counting, frequency or engine speed measurement


4 channels for output of voltages and/or current signals as well as 2 channels for output of frequency, PWM or simulation of engine speed pick up signals

Holistic approach for increased efficiency

Many factors have to be right in order to increase efficiency. Accordingly, AVL automation systems support pallet-compliant I/O modules, intelligent pallet handling, workflow support and plausibility checks on results.

Installed base

With more than 1,800 installed systems since 2001, AVL PUMA Open has been
approved as a global industry standard for testbed automation. The related data acquisition system usually consists of AVL F-FEM (more than 20,000 installed modules).

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General | Februar 2014