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Data Management

AVL Solutions for Test Data Management increase the efficiency and quality during the test operation for locally and globally networked test facilities. One of the major challenges dealing with data management in automotive testing is the massive increase of data from different testing domains: More data is produced in less time. On the other hand, cost efficient development and manufacturing require increasing productivity of the test field.

AVL Approach

AVL offers optimized solutions to support test facility employees in the areas of planning and the preparation of test jobs including execution on the test beds and further processing of test results. This highly efficient information flow from development teams to test facilities makes an important contribution to increase the efficiency of the overall development process.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Enhanced utilization of the test beds
  • Optimization of the productive test time
  • Comparable measurement data throughout the test facility thanks to a central database containing all measurement data and variables for testbeds from AVL and other suppliers
  • Reduced time and cost for administrative activities due to central data management
  • Simple data exchange with external systems by means of open interfaces standardized in accordance with ASAM ODS