AVL in-vehicle testing

AVL RACING Dragster Torque Sensor

Contactless torque measurement

The AVL Drag Torque Sensor is a contactless sensor for torque measurement that takes the guesswork out of creating championship winning dragsters.

Optimizing the performance of ADAS and AD functions

AVL-DRIVE™ Autonomous

Assess ADAS/AD functions with regards to perceived safety and comfort


E-component development

E-Drive System Requirements and Functions

Requirement engineering, function development and integration for e-axles, e-machines, inverters and DCDC converters


Be earlier, faster, cheaper and better in your process

Advanced Calibration for Driveability

Efficient calibration of vehicle dynamics and electric mode changes


Outbrake your competition

AVL Brake Torque Sensor

Your unique piezoelectric solution for the validation and optimization of brake systems

In today’s competitive...

The race for electrification


Optimizing electric system performance for winning results


The world at your fingertips

In-Vehicle Testing

AVL’s In-Vehicle Testing solution combines different tools and software into one easy-to-use solution


Realistic simulation for real-world challenges

Fuel Cell Durability and Degradation

Our simulation toolchain saves you time and money, while driving quality and efficiency

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