Mastering complexity


AVL Santorin MX 2™ electrified

The automotive industry is facing increasingly stringent emission legislation and ever-more challenging market demands. These must all be met while also delivering performance and driver satisfaction at a competitive cost for the end user.

To achieve all of this, OEMs are adopting vehicle electrification technologies throughout the powertrain and the wider vehicle architecture. However, this brings with it a new set of challenges for the industry, not least in terms of increased complexity and the exponential growth of test data volumes.

AVL SANTORIN MX 2 is a data management solution for harmonized data integration, search and exploration that can help you handle these large amounts of information.

Cell/module and pack testbeds can easily record up to 14.4 billion data points in 24 hours, with file sizes reaching over 5 GB. SANTORIN MX 2 is a fully scalable solution that allows any file size and number of data points to be managed easily and in compliance with ASAM ODS data management standards.

When combined with the data processing power of AVL CONCERTO 5, it enables you to move your data processing to powerful evaluation servers. Parallelizing tasks cuts time intensive tasks and enables and transforms all relevant data, wherever it is from, into decision-relevant information.

When incorporated into your workflow SANTORIN MX2 enables you to maintain high data quality throughout your development process. At the same time, it helps to manage complexity, reduce time and cut cost. In doing so it enables you to employ new advanced methodologies and digitalization approaches to maximize the efficiency of your entire workflow.

At AVL, process integration is what we do on a daily basis. With SANTORIN MX2 we can make it a part of your business too. Together, we can deliver excellence and innovation to the drivers of our vehicles today and in the future.