Relying on global competence


Partnering for best performance

Designed to ensure that you’re never without the solutions you need, AVL CARE™ is the ongoing support package tailored to your unique needs. This customer support plan is designed to get the most out of your AVL test and development infrastructure. It brings with it decades of experience and a global network of experts, who are on hand to help when you need them.

AVL CARE supports complete testing systems as well as specific testing applications such as R&D, racing and end-of-line. It also supports IT departments in their role as business enablers, for example in the definition of corporate IT standards. Additionally, it helps with the introduction of software release management programs that aim to establish a harmonized software landscape.

Ready, Willing and Able

Partnering for best performance – AVL CARE helps you to reduce operational risk by complementing your own expertise with solutions and specialist know-how. A dedicated team of professionals located around the globe, are ready, willing and able to intervene quickly and competently if questions or issues should arise.

With reliability built into both our hardware and software solutions, as well as AVL customer support, it means that you can plan ahead in confidence. This helps reduce cost, enables goal-setting, and supports you in addressing the demands of your market and ever-stringent global emission legislation.

For more than 15 years, customers around the world have benefitted from our CARE partnerships. Today eight out of ten leading global OEMs with more than 1,800 testbeds worldwide rely on services provided by AVL CARE.

Key Benefits

  • Safeguard availability of test system functionality
  • Enhance data accessibility and availability in your own environment
  • Benefit from future-proof solutions with robust software evolution plans
  • Reduce total-cost-of-ownership with competitive and lean support services

For further information, please contact your local AVL Sales or Service representative.