Integrated Resident Services

More time for core competencies

Resident Services

The partnership model for test field productivity

At AVL, all of our products and services benefit from our seven decades of experience in automotive development. This extensive background, combined with our deep engineering knowledge and global network of experts, allows us to provide superior products and outstanding customer service.

A Helping Hand

Our resident services address primary and secondary (supporting) activities in the value-creation chain of powertrain testing. They complement and support your own capabilities as much as possible. Our on-site support helps test facility managers resolve the frequently conflicting demands that come with the need to meet the requirements of modern powertrain development.

Specialist Know-How

With an on-site team of specialists, we can offer you well-planned, logical and cost-effective support services for powertrain testing. These include test cell operation, user and application support, maintenance, repair, and calibration, as well as parts management and the professional coordination of sub-contractors.

Furthermore, our dedicated support in adapting the testing environment to meet your evolving requirements guarantees equipment innovation cycles. These services expand the focus from a purely (AVL) product-based view to encompass the complete test facility and workflow. This includes both third-party equipment and facility infrastructure.

Thanks to our powertrain expertise, global footprint and local support teams, we are your ideal partner in this diverse and changing industry. Designed to ensure that you’re never without the solutions you need, our resident services are tailored to meet your unique requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Increase testbed availability and utilization
  • Lower risk/flexible operation
  • Focus on the core activities of the value creation chain
  • Reduce total-cost-of-ownership with competitive support services
  • Flexible service is tailored to your needs and boundaries
  • Minimized risk, since service provider takes over responsibility (skills, headcount, results)

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