High Dynamic Media Control for a Reliable Reproducibility

AVL Media Conditioning

AVL Media Conditioning Systems are responsible for exact adherence of controllable parameters of the engine‘s combustion air, coolant and oil, thus allow a high reproducibility of the test runs.

AVL Approach

The performance of combustion engines strongly depends on the media conditions. For a better reproducibility under almost real conditions there is a need of a high dynamic control of the media conditioning units. For 25 years, AVL has intensively developed different compact conditioning systems and technologies which are used in high-end engine test cells. If standard systems are not sufficient, customer-specific units are designed by AVL.

Benefits at a Glance

  • A modular design makes it usable in a wide range. For different applications, various modules are available
  • High control accuracy in steady state and dynamic mode ensures exact data from the test procedure and increases the testbed efficiency
  • Extreme temperature and pressure ranges for simulating conditions at the test bench which are hard to achieve on the road
  • Easy integration to the automation system enables a quick initialization (plug & play)
  • Good repeatability allows a fast achievement of the development goal
  • Minimized downtime with robust and reliable design
  • Short commissioning time
  • Flexible use due to a mobile design
  • Less maintenance work required

Market Requirements

Higher market and legislative requirements for combustion engines have increased the complexity of engine control and combustion systems. In order to reach the high quality standards (e.g. legislation for emission) and optimize development time, media conditioning systems are needed which are able to simulate constant ambient conditions as well as extreme environmental conditions.

AVL Products

AVL ConsysAir Intake Air Conditioning
ConsysAir 400
ConsysAir 800
ConsysAir 1600
ConsysAir 2400

AVL ConsysBoost Boost Air Conditioning
ConsysBoost 1200
ConsysBoost 3000

AVL Exhaust Backpressure Adjustment
Exhaust Backpressure Adjustment 80
Exhaust Backpressure Adjustment 150

AVL ConsysCool Coolant Conditioning
ConsysCool 200
ConsysCool S-200
ConsysCool 450
ConsysCool S-450

AVL ConsysLube Oil Conditioning
ConsysLube 25/50
ConsysLube S-50


This combustion air conditioning system has been delivered 400 times around the world. There have also been a large number of custom tailored systems for extreme conditions. Pressure ranges from -400 mbar to +200 mbar and temperatures from -40 °C to +90 °C.

The boost air conditioning is designed as a secondary cooled heat exchanger or as a spray version for pressures up to 5 bar abs. and temperature of 200°C or more. Units with a cooling power of 200 kW have already been delivered.

AVL coolant conditioning systems are installed at more than 800 test cells worldwide. The application starts with simple durability tasks and ends in research and high dynamic racing test cells.

The oil conditioning system is mainly installed at engine test cells. With some modifications it can also be used in single cylinder research engines, dry sump applications and gearbox test cells.