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The solution for your application


Vehicle chassis dyno testing solution for ICE, hybrid, battery-electric and fuel cell propulsion.

When it comes to the development and adoption of new technologies, we are seeing rapid technological changes. Things are moving fast, and these changes pose new challenges for OEMs. The multitude of vehicles, such as combustion engine powered vehicles, hybrids, exclusively battery-powered as well as hydrogen-powered – are pushing the requirements and performance profile for the vehicle chassis dynamometer into new dimensions. This means that there are not only completely new test requirements, but also a large number of tasks that need to be changed.

Why Partner with AVL?

The techniques and technology that we have developed over the last few decades have allowed us to provide a state of the art economical and future-proof solution for the road as well as the environmental simulation in the lab.

With AVL Roadsim 48” we are offering a comprehensive and holistic vehicle development platform that allows customers to do their tasks faster and more efficiently. The testbed is available in several performance classes and wheel bases. It covers vehicle tests from passenger cars to light commercial vehicles and test applications from exhaust gas tests to high load and endurance tests.

The testbed provides a reliable road load simulation even under extreme environmental conditions such as in climatic and climatic altitude chambers.

Key Benefits

  • Short installation time
  • 6 months delivery time
  • High accuracy and reproducibility
  • Tractive forces up to 33.000N
  • Test and simulate vehicles from 450 kg to 8.5 t

Solution for all Applicants

  • Reseach and development
  • Mileage accumulation
  • Emission certification
  • Power and efficiency testing