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AVL’s open model integration and co-simulation platform

Vehicle development is a team effort. The key to mastering new development tasks is understanding the whole system early in the process. This is facilitated by the use of advanced simulation techniques both in development and in the testing phase.

Mixing Virtual and Real Environments

Model.CONNECT™ improves development efficiency by interlinking simulation models into a consistent virtual prototype. As part of our integrated and open development platform, it achieves this regardless of the tools they were created with.

As hardware becomes available, simulated and model-based testing is gradually replaced with hardware testing. This saves time and cuts costs. Built-in co-simulation technology optimizes the combination of software and hardware, both in terms of performance and accuracy.

Model.CONNECT empowers informed decision-making by connecting models and know-how from different departments in a secure and reproducible way. It can be used in a wide range of development projects, and is ideal in areas such as thermal management, RDE, vehicle dynamics and ADAS/AD.