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AVL Test Systems - Innovative Solutions for the Entire Powertrain

With decades of experience, AVL provides a wide range of solutions for developing and testing modern powertrain systems, from testbeds for optimizing internal combustion engines to test systems for all components in an electrified powertrain to roller testbeds for full vehicle development and testing.
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Die Konzeption jedes Motors beginnt am Reißbrett und durchläuft einen intensiven Entwicklungszyklus bevor die Serienproduktion aufgenommen werden...
Die Herausforderung ist das Erfüllen der neuesten Anforderungen für moderne und zukunftsorientierte Forschungs- und Entwicklungsaufgaben, wie z. B....

The All-in-One Solution

AVL 2-Wheeler Compact

Test System for 2-wheeler, 3-wheeler and ATV Powertrain development

Thanks to its multi-configuration testing capabilities, the AVL 2-Wheeler Compact is the most flexible testing solution on the market. Our...

Ultra-Silent Performance and Precision

AVL NVH E-Drive Test System

Many of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers and suppliers use our expertise to empower them complete their Noise, Vibration, and Harshness...