AVL Racing Testing Solutions and Services

AVL provides standardized and custom tailored systems, products and services to the majority of the competing teams and manufacturers in the premier leagues of motorsport.

Products & Services

AVL Services for Racing Customers

Operating state-of-the-art testing technology is an extremely challenging task, both technically as well as financially. To guarantee a high degree of utilization and availability of the test field and its equipment, AVL is offering specific service solutions, tailored to the needs of motorsports organizations.

Batteries for Racing

The electrification of racing vehicles is required in many different racing series around the globe. Batteries that are lightweight, reliable and capable of high performance under extreme conditions are needed to satisfy the requirements. AVL can help integrate the knowledge of cell producers and automotive requirements of racing teams in design, simulation, build and validation of batteries for race cars.

AVL RACING Dynamic Brake Testbed

Are you missing out on your brake performance? This game changing and cost effective solution reduces development time under real track conditions.The AVL RACING dynamic brake testbed is adaptable for multiple applications like front loading of brake strategy development, brake package cooling requirements, data generation for aerodynamic development, evaluation of race specific brake setups, optimization of tire temperature and component failure replication.

AVL Motorcycle TS

Measuring the efficiency of premium and high-performance motorcycles is dependent on environmental and human influences which can lead to inconsistency of data. Thus, the individual riding experience is often not quantifiable and the interaction of components in the system not measurable. This results in unused potential of overall powertrain performance.