Battery Solutions

E-mobility is a rapidly moving topic that requires highly professional solutions. Standards, regulations, market requirements and customer expectations are all changing quickly. Durable and reliable batteries are required to satisfy rapidly evolving needs and expectations.

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AVL is actively looking into future battery technologies and their commercialization potentials, so we can offer our customers leading edge solutions in all key topics of valuable and advanced battery engineering. We drive research projects and realize feasibility concept studies for technologies many years ahead.
Electrification of passenger cars is no longer a trend but already a fact. Functional, durable and reliable batteries are required to satisfy the needs and expectations of the customer. AVL can fully support engineering and development for batteries from concept to production integration - bringing together the knowledge of cell producers and the requirements and development processes of OEMs to design, simulate and validate automotive grade batteries for electrified powertrains.
Battery system and component simulation is a key to virtually develop and optimize the battery design upfront to testing and validation. Mechanical simulations for durability and crash, thermal simulations on cell and component cooling/conditioning coupled with electrical models and on system level for cooling power distribution as well as EMC for enhanced electrical function and cell ageing simulation for optimization and system requirement definition can be provided for our customers.
AVL CRUISE™ unterstützt die Batterieentwicklung auf einer Systemebene, wobei Batteriewiderstand und andere elektrische Komponenten für die Modellierung und Analyse beliebiger EV/HEV-Antriebsstrangkonfiguration samt elektrischer Netzwerkstufen innerhalb eines Fahrzeugs inkludiert sind.
Das AVL CRUISE™ Fahrzeugmodell unterstützt die Batterieentwicklung bis zu den Testphasen, indem das gleiche Antriebsstrangmodell auf dem Batterieprüfstand wiederverwendet werden kann. Damit ist eine größere Bandbreite an Batterieversuchen möglich, die näher an den realen, transienten Leistungsbedarf liegt. Die Versuche können auch auf reale Straßenfahrten oder manöverbasierte Versuche erweitert werden, um auch kritische Betriebsbereiche testen zu können. AVL CRUISE™ Plant Powertrain Model...
AVL has gained substantial experiences in the field of fully electrified vehicles and hybrids including batteries and other electrical energy storage systems. Batteries are the key enabler for future electrification and CO2-free mobility. AVL can offer customer oriented, tailored solutions from systems engineering to provision of functional prototypes and development and validation of series production bound systems.
AVL offers to build prototype of in-house designed batteries in small quantities to support vehicle development programs.
One of the primary motivations for developing AVL CRUISE™ M was to offer a comprehensive simulation environment that perfectly meets all the development requirements in the increasing complexity of Vehicle Energy Management Systems (VEMS) and to provide seamless development and optimization capabilities in that field.
AVL's BMS is designed to be a flexible platform for battery development in HEVs, PHEVs or EVs. Hardware and Software can be developed based on the need of the costumer.