AVL Battery Test Systems

Supplied as either a free-standing test rig or as a containerized solution, the battery test system supports the evaluation and life-time investigation of electrochemical energy storage systems used in hybrid and electric vehicles.

Products & Services

The AVL E-STORAGE BT™ (Battery Tester) is optimized for characterization and verification of batteries in automotive, off-highway, marine and aviation applications.
AVL LYNX 2™ ist ein überragendes Batterietest-Automatisierungssystem, das für Zell-, Modul- und Batteriepack-Prüfstände eingesetzt werden kann. Darüber hinaus ist AVL LYNX 2™ ein stolzes Mitglied der AVL Team SUITETM.
The electrification of racing vehicles is required in many different racing series around the globe. Batteries that are lightweight, reliable and capable of high performance under extreme conditions are needed to satisfy the requirements. AVL can help integrate the knowledge of cell producers and automotive requirements of racing teams in design, simulation, build and validation of batteries for race cars.