Als zuverlässiger Kooperationspartner unterstützt AVL ihre Kunden, um die Qualität während des Produktions- und Fertigungsprozesses von Verbrennungsmotoren sicherzustellen. Die zunehmende Komplexität von Verbrennungsmotoren verlangt konsistente und intelligente Testmethoden und -technologien, die Fertigungs- und Montageprozesse der modernen Motorentechnologie berücksichtigen.

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Internal combustion engines (ICE) will be the backbone for vehicle powertrains even in the foreseeable future. But additional measures are necessary, to fulfill today's stringent emission standards and to further increase the efficiency - development targets, that only can be reached with modern technologies, design methods and tools. AVL's 60 years of experience in the development and design of internal combustion engine are a capital that counts even more nowadays. We have all needed...
AVL FIRE™ Engine is a specifically tailored CFD solution supporting the development and optimization of IC engines and engine components.
All engines for industrial machinery need to cover an enormous range of different applications in terms of design, duty cycles and operational conditions. This requires a dedicated engine architecture as well as a high degree of flexibility to adapt the engine to the individual requirements. AVL is involved in engine and powertrain development programs with all major industrial machinery product manufacturers and supplying industries worldwide. This means that AVL has the expertise to...
AVL CRUISE™ M Engine is at the heart of the entire multi-disciplinary model-based development solution. It focuses on system level realtime engine simulation which can be used over the entire vehicle development cycle.
AVL made a concept for an even more extreme downsizing approach for the next generation of powertrains by further reducing the engine size to 1.0L using a 3 cylinder concept with a specific power rating of 80 kW/L
AVL EXCITE™ is the ideal solution for the analysis of engine vibrations and acoustics in all phases of the engine development process.
With more than 60 years' experience in engine development with particular focus on engine development for commercial vehicles, AVL is the right partner for all development activities creating a new, upgraded or improved engine. All this experience shows direct advantage in every single customer project to quickly find the optimum solution tailored to every customer's different requirements AVL has developed unique tools for the development of engines in the complete Powertrain, to optimize...
AVL EXCITE™ is the perfect solution for dynamics, strength and durability analyses of engine components, valve train and timing drive dynamics and tribological investigations of lubricated contacts in combustion engines.
The AVL iGEM Engine product line provides application packages for emission test automation on engine testbeds.