AVL Combustion Measurement Equipment

Complete combustion analysis platform covering pressure and optical signal measurement and conditioning, data acquisition and online and offline data evaluation - all crank angle based and cycle per cycle!

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Angetrieben vom Wunsch neue Anwendungsgebiete zu adressieren, hat AVL seine breite Expertise und Erfahrung in Verbrennungsanalyse in einer einzigen Datenerfassungsplattform konzentriert: AVL X-ion™.
Compact indicating systems designed for mobile combustion development and calibration tasks
Angle Encoders 365C/X/R are highly accurate optical pickups for angle-based indicating measurements and torsional analyses on IC-engines.
AVL GCA is a high sophisticated tool for thermodynamic analysis of IC-engines. It is both a "virtual sensor" and a design tool for the whole engine process.
With the help of optical measuring methods, deep insights into the complex processes of fuel mixture and combustion beyond the findings of the pressure indicating method can be achieved.
Measure & Control IndiMicro in the Desert TUAREG...
These flexible data acquisition systems are designed for use in the combustion development of all engine power classes.
Modular amplifiers for high-end conditioning of cylinder pressure, manifold pressure, rail pressure, or timing signals for the purpose of combustion analysis.
Engine indicating requires not only accurate pressure signals, but also accurate crank angle information: Absolute piston position, exact injection or ignition timings are necessary for detailed combustion analysis.
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