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Der CONNECTED POWERTRAIN™ - Der vernetzte Antriebsstrang

Vehicles communicate with each other and with the infrastructure, linking the powertrain to the vehicle's environment opens new possibilities to optimize fuel consumption and reduce emissions in real-world driving conditions via the interaction of all powertrain components. This also offers new possibilities for performance, driving pleasure and safety for classical as well as hybridized and electric powertrains. AVL's Connected Powertrain™ product and service portfolio supports OEM in solving increasingly complex tasks in powertrain optimization, while considering the infrastructure connectivity.
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Best possible configuration and integration

Antriebsstrangabstimmung und Integrationslösungen für Nutzfahrzeuge

Powertrain matching and integration for optimized commercial on and off road vehicles

Die Optimierung des Antriebsstrangs und seine Integration in das Fahrzeug, um ein perfekt aufeinander abgestimmtes System zu erreichen, sind auf...