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Motorcycles and all kinds of power products as well as recreational products used on water, air and solid ground demanding best suitable technology and perfect quality but still at highly attractive cost.

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Modernization of products like motorcycles, recreational products such as watercrafts, ATVs, snowmobiles, small aircraft engines as well as handheld tools and power generators always has to start with professional design and analysis work.
AVL-DRIVE is a fully automatic real-time measurement tool for analyzing and scoring vehicle drive quality, also know as “Driveability”. This unique instrument, commercially available and industrial standard since many years, has been adapted to the specific requirements for validation of motorcycles.
Compact engines for handheld tools and recreational powercrafts, as well as most motorcycles in Asia of today to a very wide extent still are operated with purely mechanically carburetors. Due to tightening emission standards the electronically controlled systems including exhaust aftertreatment systems are consequently edging out these traditional fields of carburetor applications. To deal with the performance requirements of compact engines and 2-wheeler and meeting stringent emission...
Soundqualität, Soundbranding und gesetzliche Vorschriften zu Vorbeifahrgeräuschen sind die wesentlichen Faktoren in den AVL Kundenprojekten für Zweiräder.
Inertia simulation is available from 5kg up to 450kg for speeds up to 250km/h and covering Euro 6 and Tier4 emission standards.
Um die kommenden Kraftstoffeffizienzziele zu erreichen, steht die Automobilindustrie vor der Herausforderung, immer modernere Verbrennungssysteme einzuführen. Viele dieser Verbrennungssysteme befinden sich bereits in Entwicklung: Atkinson-Miller-Zyklus kontrollierte Selbstzündung (HCCI – Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition) Anwendungen für alternative Kraftstoffe (Erdgas, Ethanolkraftstoffe, synthetische Kraftstoffe, etc.) und viele weitere Aufgrund der zunehmenden Komplexität und des...
One of the most decisive factors determining the success of any internal combustion engine is the flow quality of the intake and exhaust ports.
E-mobility is a rapidly moving topic that requires highly professional solutions. Standards, regulations, market requirements and customer expectations are all changing quickly. Durable and reliable batteries are required to satisfy rapidly evolving needs and expectations.
Hybrid Vehicle Powertrain Systems combine conventional powertrain components, an internal combustion engine and transmission, with new electric components, electric motor, power electronics and high voltage energy storage, such as a battery. AVL's development of a Hybrid Powertrain System efficiently combines our expertise of the different single components with our capabilities to integrate these components into a system optimized to meet CO2/fuel consumption reduction targets.
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