Performance, Emission & Efficiency

Performance, emission and fuel consumption are base development targets causing dedicated demands on development solutions for powertrains and vehicles applying combustion engines. Regardless in which testing environment the development activities need to be supported with powerful and smart tools and solutions also challenging the today expected excellence in efficiency.

Products & Services

A complete test system for the verification of all kinds of vehicles used for road applications in compliance with today's - and future - worldwide standards.
Steady state and transient testing towards engine performance, fuel economy and emission reduction (engine out and/or tailpipe).
The Virtual Vehicle Engine Testbed (VVETB) is designed to enable the engineer to observe the engine under its real cyclic behavior where at the same time the mechanical influence of the testbed is eliminated. Such setup allows improved development and calibration and the frontloading of traditionally on-road vehicle tests to the engine testbed. An integration of models to represent vehicle and driving environment completes the VVETB.
AVL Dynamometers are representing the load system in testbeds with highest robustness and dynamic beside highest measurement accuracy. Engineered to meet application requirements of combustion engine testing, powertrain testing and E-motor testing. Our product families are optimized to meet different testing tasks like R&D, Calibration, HD Engine Certification and End of Line. The power ranges cover small off-road engines up to 2 stroke ship engines (10kW – 140,000kW).
AVL bietet innovative Lösungen für die Abgasautomatisierung auf sämtlichen üblichen Prüfstandstypen und Applikationen auf Basis einer skalierbaren und leistungsfähigen Plattform.
The challenge of reducing time and costs along the product development cycle causes a growing demand to replace physical prototypes with virtual prototypes applying frontloading. Engineers are facing a great number of challenging development and simulation tasks which necessitate more than just ‘good software'.
Die moderne Antriebsstrangentwicklung stellt die Fahrzeugindustrie vor immer komplexere Herausforderungen. Wesentliche Merkmale wie Leistung, Dynamik, Verbrauch, Emissionen und Akustik sind abhängig von einer optimalen Abstimmung der Antriebsstrangsteuergeräte. Diese Kalibrieraufgaben werden einerseits immer aufwendiger aber andererseits werden optimale Ergebnisse bei möglichst geringem Zeitaufwand verlangt. Um das breite Spektrum dieser Aufgaben in ihrer täglichen Arbeit lösen zu können,...
Complete combustion analysis platform covering pressure and optical signal measurement and conditioning, data acquisition and online and offline data evaluation - all crank angle based and cycle per cycle!
AVL provides comprehensive instrumentation solutions for the consumption measurement of fuel, intake air mass, blow by, oil and urea on the engine testbed as well as for in vehicle fuel consumption measurement.
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