Energy Management Simulation

One of the primary motivations for developing AVL CRUISE™ M was to offer a comprehensive simulation environment that perfectly meets all the development requirements in the increasing complexity of Vehicle Energy Management Systems (VEMS) and to provide seamless development and optimization capabilities in that field.

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AVL offers an integrated set of tools consisting of AVL BOOST™, AVL CRUISE™ M and AVL FIRE™, to facilitate the seamless development and optimization of component and vehicle thermal management and control strategies related to thermal management.
AVL CRUISE™ and AVL CRUISE™ M introduce seamless control function development and calibration from MiL to SiL to HiL by using modularity with scalable model fidelity and an open integration concept.
AVL CRUISE™ and AVL CRUISE™ M deliver the right system plant model fidelity for a wide range of testing applications such as Engine testbed, Battery testbed, E-Motor testbed, etc… The re-use of the multi-physics model ensures on one side consistency, result comparability and the shortening of the test preparation time. On the other side, this enables frontloading of methodology and test procedures which means that more work can be done in the virtual world, significantly reducing costs and...
In order to achieve the aim of reducing weight for better performance and lower fuel consumption, component engineering of engines and powertrains continues to approach the limits of strength and durability.
In hybrid concepts the most essential part is a controller which makes decisions about power management as well as taking care that components are used in an optimal operating range to lower energy consumption and extend component life. AVL CRUISE™ provides the proper modeling environment for this application with interface capability that allows seamless and consistent control function development and calibration.
Dank des AVL CRUISE™ Fahrzeugsystemmodells können E-Motor-Versuche auch ohne die Interaktion mit anderen Teilen eines Fahrzeugs durchgeführt werden. Durchgängigkeit im gesamten Entwicklungsprozess und verkürzte Managementzeiten zwischen Software und Umgebung werden mit der Wiederverwendbarkeit des AVL CRUISE™ Fahrzeugsystemmodells gewährleistet. Mit diesem Ansatz kann ein E-Motor in realitätsnahen Bedingungen, inklusive Fahrzyklen, Real Driving sowie manöverbasierten Versuchen geprüft werden,...
AVL CRUISE™ unterstützt die Entwicklung von E-Motoren mit einer Auswahl an unterschiedlichen E-Motormodellen, aus denen die entsprechende Simulationsapplikation ausgewählt werden kann. Der Fokus des kennfeldbasierten E-Motormodells mit integriertem Inverter liegt auf dem Energieverbrauch und dem thermischen Verhalten. Im Grundwellen-E-Motormodell werden das niedrig-frequente, torsionsdynamische Verhalten und die Interaktionen zwischen elektrischen und mechanischen Systemen berücksichtigt. Da...
AVL EXCITE™ Acoustics is a new tool of the EXCITE™ product family for the calculation of sound radiation in free field from vibrating structures such as engines and power units using the wave based technique (WBT).
AVL EXCITE™ Power Unit is a highly advanced multi-body dynamics solution for calculating the dynamics, strength and acoustics of combustion engines, transmissions and powertrains. The system approach and accurate results enable designs close to endurance limits and to calculate structure-borne noise levels close to reality.
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