Driveability Engineering and Simulation

AVL-DRIVE™ - The Objective Tool for Driveability Assessment and Development - in co-simulation with VSM "Vehicle Simulation Model" - a mathematical model for the simulation of driveability in real-time - extends the capability of objective driveability evaluation from road to lab.

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Driveability Engineering and Simulation

AVL-DRIVE 4™ - The tool for objective driveability assessment and development extends the capability of objective driveability evaluation from road to rig, to lab and to office. Ideal for defining the brand DNA, setting targets and monitoring the evolution of development within existing company processes up until final acceptance.
Driveability is a big issue for the driver - especially for vehicles in use almost around the clock, like construction equipment. Legal requirements also regulate allowable impacts on the driver in the future. The task is to assess driveability objectively and repeatable.
The system captures various driveability related sensor and CAN bus signals, such as longitudinal acceleration, engine speed, vehicle speed, pedal positions and vibrations. These input quantities are collected by the DMU2 (DRIVE Main Unit) and passed on to the AVL-DRIVE software for further processing and analysis. More than 100 different driving modes (engine, transmission and chassis related) are detected automatically and more than 800 driveability related criteria are rated in real-time....