NVH Simulation

While strength and durability limits are being pushed further and further, requirements for noise reduction are becoming more stringent. In addition, focus is increasingly being placed on transmission and powertrain noise because other sources could be reduced meanwhile. .

Products & Services

AVL BOOST™ offers linear acoustics (simulation in frequency domain) and non-linear acoustics (simulation in time domain) modules for the simulation of transmission loss, linear and A-weighted sound pressure levels, free field and in-duct acoustics, intake and/or exhaust orifice noise as well as octave band analysis.
AVL EXCITE™ is the ideal solution for the analysis of engine vibrations and acoustics in all phases of the engine development process.
The analysis of transmission and driveline vibration and acoustics is part of AVL's highly advanced rigid/flexible multi-body dynamic software AVL EXCITE™.

Detection of audible noise at earliest development stages

Audible Noise Prediction

Simulation and analysis of electro acoustics

The AVL electro acoustic simulation approach enables to identify and stamp out sources of audible noise, as they typically appear in all types of electronic devices (DC/DC converter, power electronic, etc).