Acoustic Engineering

AVL BOOST™ Acoustics

AVL BOOST™ offers linear acoustics (simulation in frequency domain) and non-linear acoustics (simulation in time domain) modules for the simulation of transmission loss, linear and A-weighted sound pressure levels, free field and in-duct acoustics, intake and/or exhaust orifice noise as well as octave band analysis.

AVL Approach

The linear acoustics solver calculates in the frequency domain to determine the acoustic properties of a system. A model is made up of a source (an engine), a system (the exhaust line) and a termination (the tailpipe).


3D modeling of complex acoustic components

  • Automatic creation of a 3D Cell network
  • Snapping of cell faces to important acoustic dimensions
  • Modeling of perforates, absorptive materials, baffles
  • Acoustic simulation deploying the standard BOOST Solver
  • No prior knowledge required about how the system acoustically acts

Benefits at a Glance

New powertrain concepts like downsizing, hybridization or electrification lead to new challenging demands for acoustic engineering and NVH refinement. Based on the experience of a long history of acoustic development, AVL is an excellent partner for all your acoustic tasks throughout the development process. Benefits include:

  • The consideration of acoustic targets in the early stage of engine development
  • The ability to determine the impact of acoustic targets on engine performance
  • Common models for all acoustics analyses

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