AVL EXCITE™ NVH Analysis of Transmissions and Drivelines

The analysis of transmission and driveline vibration and acoustics is part of AVL's highly advanced rigid/flexible multi-body dynamic software AVL EXCITE™.

AVL Approach

Transmissions can be calculated and analyzed on a stand-alone basis, e.g. like on a transmission testbed, together with the combustion engine as power unit and as an integrated subsystem of an entire driveline.

Simulation targets include the investigation of transmission and driveline specific noise phenomena under stationary and non-stationary operating conditions (e.g. tip-in/back-out, start-stop) such as boom, clonk, rattle, whine, chatter, whoop or shudder.

For the analysis of vehicle chassis vibrations, the excitation forces from power unit and driveline dynamics are applied on the car body at mounting points such as the power unit mounts.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Accurate dynamic excitations for NVH evaluation due to fully coupled system approach
  • Consideration of the interaction between engine, transmission and driveline
  • Gear contact calculation with the influence of flexible structures like shaft bending and misalignment, housing deformations
  • Solution in time domain considers non-linear effects like engagement/disengagement impulses in gear contacts (gear rattle, gear whine)
  • Whole workflow covered, from dynamics via structure-borne noise to sound radiation


  • Transient analysis, flexible structures
  • Fully coupled bending & torsional vibrations
  • Detailed cylindrical gear contact model with real profiles incl. modifications and corrections
  • Transmission and driveline specific component models and joints (roller bearings, differential and planetary gear joint, wheel-roller contact joint)
  • Efficient calculation of sound radiation using the Wave Based Technology
  • Acoustic post-processing of structure and airborne noise results
  • All types of transmissions supported (MT, automated MT, AT and DCT)