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EV/HEV Simulation Solutions on Component and System Level

AVL offers simulation solutions supporting EV and HEV component and system development from concept to integration and testing. In order to fulfill future CO2 emission regulations, the solution portfolio covers all levels of electrification from micro to mild to full hybrid as well as battery and fuel cell electric vehicles.




The Challenge

Electric component development

  • By which method can I optimize battery pack cooling with respect to pressure loss minimization and homogeneity of cell temperature distribution?
  • How can I optimize the layout of my e-machine rotor/stator cooling system?
  • I would like to optimize the NVH behavior of my EV/HEV powertrain. How can I do this?

System level & integration

  • I need to find the optimal powertrain concept including the right electrification level. How can I do this?
  • How is it possible to optimize all cooling circuits and manage their interactions?
  • How can I obtain the ideal component size without compromising performance targets?
  • How can I reuse simulation models from the office environment for efficient energy control strategy development as well as on HiL and test systems?



The AVL Solution

AVL’s EV and HEV solutions support the development engineer to manage the increased complexity of electrified powertrain systems and to enable frontloading of activities to meet the stringent emission targets and shorten development time. The holistic solutions cover all phases of the development process from concept design to component development to validation.

AVL CRUISE™ as an entire vehicle system simulation solution is used for vehicle components specification, concept selection and confirmation. It supports efficient energy control strategy development enabling model reuse on HiL and testing systems.

The flexible multi-body dynamics software AVL EXCITE™ for durability and NVH analysis includes e-machine models of different detailing level considering the interaction between the electric and mechanical system for the investigation of electric and electrified powertrains.

AVL FIRE™ multi physics CFD solutions enable battery cooling concept layout, E-machine and Inverter thermal analysis as well as heat-exchanger packaging optimization at vehicle level.



The Added Value

  • Fast and consistent vehicle modeling of any powertrain configuration due to advanced system/sub-system layer concept

  • Seamless components/systems and control function strategy evaluation

  • Comprehensive insight and visualization of power flow and energy losses

  • Wide range of ready-to-use electrical components included

  • Easy interfacing with other simulation tools and test systems for efficient model reuse along the development process


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