Electrical Technician m/f


For those who see their main talent in engineering, mathematics and logics

Electrical Technician m/f

"A great deal of responsibility, great opportunity!" - Ines, electrical technician, 1st year of apprenticeship

What's it all about?

You will create complex measurement and testing systems by means of simple electro-technical components.
As a skilled employee you will support the engineers – who pursue the goal of the 100% emission-free engine unit – in engine and vehicle development. You will be in charge of servicing and maintaining electrical components of test beds and in measurement instrument production.

What you will learn

  • Fundamentals and basic laws of electrics (e.g. Ohm's law)
  • Electrical connection and handling techniques (soldering, wire-wrap, etc.)
  • You will become acquainted with specific machines and their start-up, control and maintenance
  • Error analysis and remedy of errors in electric systems using specific measurement tools and electrical engineering tools (e.g. multimeter, oscilloscope)
  • Safety regulations, protective measures, environmental and quality standards

How long is the apprenticeship?

  • 4 years