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Integration of virtual and real components

The neutral model integration and co-simulation platform connecting virtual and real components.
With its AVL Team SUITETM, AVL presents a flexibly upgradeable, mutually compatible and consistent set of complementary measuring and test system software products. Thanks to its open concept, it allows the efficient and customizable use of expert tools throughout every phase of powertrain development.
AVL CRUISE™ and AVL CRUISE™ M deliver the right system plant model fidelity for a wide range of testing applications such as Engine testbed, Battery testbed, E-Motor testbed, etc… The re-use of the multi-physics model ensures on one side consistency, result comparability and the shortening of the test preparation time. On the other side, this enables frontloading of methodology and test procedures which means that more work can be done in the virtual world, significantly reducing costs and...
AVL has many years of experience in commercial vehicle calibration and has developed a unique tool for efficient calibration process: Mobeo. This tool allows you to cut development time and cost with secured or increased dataset quality.

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AVL InMotion 4™

Vehicle dynamics simulation tool

AVL InMotion 4™ is a vehicle dynamics simulator that is used in the testing and development of chassis control systems, driver assistance systems and system networks where the chassis control systems interact with other vehicle domains. Further, AVL InMotion 4™ is a proud member of the AVL Team SUITETM.