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Highest productivity and short time-to-market

AVL E-Axle Systems for Truck and Bus

Complete systems in a single package

Maintaining low total cost of ownership and high vehicle productivity is the most important challenge for commercial vehicle manufacturers. Combined with constantly evolving demands of global emissions legislation and zero-emission transportation, the result is increased powertrain complexity, development effort and cost and time pressures.

One approach to answering these challenges is to develop modular powertrain subsystems. These can be directly used or easily adopted into a variety of vehicle applications depending on what is actually required. AVL is considering this approach for its powertrain subsystem development projects, such as e-axles.

A Holistic Approach

Combining all components (e-motor, transmission and inverter) in a compact package, our e-drive solutions for bus and trucks improve efficiency, product cost and system weight. In addition to employing our own specially developed high-performance components, supplier components can also be integrated into the AVL e-axle system, if required. The entire development process is supported by in-house CAE throughout all design stages.

Making use of existing software and controls, our e-axle development ensures independency from hardware suppliers. This gives us the freedom to deliver the best solution for the challenge.

Comprehensive Testbed Portfolio

System integration is supported by a comprehensive testbed portfolio for individual components as well as whole systems. Utilizing our in-house component and system testbeds for e-motor, power electronics, transmission and the entire e-axle, it boasts a short time-to-market and reduced development costs.

Our validation methodology features DVP and Load Matrix as well as functional and durability testing on a testbed and on a vehicle. This means your e-axle can be released for production with the highest quality within a short time frame.