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E-Motor Design

Over many years AVL has become well established in the development and design of E-Motors for multiple applications. Traction motors, starter-generators, electric power steering, electromagnetic valve trains, actuators – AVL is the right partner to deliver the best solution. We have broadened our capabilities especially for the domain of vehicle electrification. AVL Trimerics is a specialized team that develops tailor-made e-machines beyond standard solutions. With this approach we are able to fulfill the most challenging requirements of our customers.

AVL Solution

  • Evaluation of e-motor specifications based on realistic vehicle system simulations
  • Customized designs for the required specifications and performance, fulfilling targets that cannot be achieved with standard components
  • "Best-in-Class" solutions, including thermal management and controls, for every purpose and application
  • Efficient and proven simulation-based design processes for short and cost-efficient design cycles
  • Optimized integration into the powertrain system, especially for hybrid and pure electric vehicles, for large engines, locomotives and mining trucks


  • Electrification of the AVL CEPT (cost efficient powertrain)
  • AVL Range Extender
  • AVL's Future Hybrid Power Train
  • E-boat from Steiner Nautic
  • Electrification of auxiliaries for commercial vehicles