Advanced SI Combustion Concepts

Combustion Systems for Future Powertrain

Advanced SI Combustion Concepts

To meet forthcoming fuel economy targets the automotive world is challenged to steadily introduce more and more advanced combustion systems. Many of these combustion systems are already under development:

  • Miller- and Atkinson-Cycle
  • HCCI homogeneous charge compression ignition
  • Applications for alternative fuels (CNG, alcohol fuels, synthetic fuel, etc.)
  • Many others

The challenges for powertrain development due to increasing complexity and high degree of sophistication can only be handled with proven know-how and powerful tools.

AVL Approach

AVL has high competence levels to provide appropriate solutions and know-how.

Furthermore, AVL also is able to deliver methodology and development tools that enable successful transfer of advanced concepts into products for mass production.

Market Requirements

To stay competitive in a market environment with legislation and clients demanding continuous improvements in technology, advanced R&D (research and development) for new combustion systems as well as system components is the key. All SI gasoline engine technologies, which cover all the different applications, are available in AVL. Furthermore, AVL continuously works on evolutionary improvement of these systems, to provide leading-edge technology solutions:

Conventional applications

  • Variable valvetrain
  • Variable compression ratio
  • Variable charge motion
  • Cylinder deactivation
  • Cooled EGR, active exhaust gas cooling


Injection systems for

  • MPI and GDI (homogeneous as well as stratified)
  • Liquid and gaseous CNG and LPG fuels


All kinds of different aspiraton systems

  • NA naturally aspirated
  • Mechanical or electrically boosted
  • Turbo charged (single- as well as multi-stage)
  • Unconventional charging


Highly advanced systems

  • Miller- and Atkinson-Cycle
  • HCCI homogeneous charge compression ignition
  • Applications for alternative fuels
  • Unconventional ignition systems
  • Many others

Customer Benefits

AVL is permanently developing new and future leading combustion systems. This work is performed within a framework of internal R&D activities, collaboration with publically-founded development programs and in cooperation with many different automotive customers. These intensive activities for developing new technologies bring AVL into a very unique position to make available:

  • Technology Solutions
  • Development systems and tools
  • Competence and know-how
  • Patents and IPR
  • Support within AVL´s global network



The challenges and the final outcome of these future leading technology development programs are described in hundreds of publications which are presented to automotive industries on a global scale.