Modularity, high specific output and RDE-2 compatible

AVL HyPer 200 concept engine

TGDI High performance demonstrator

The AVL HyPer 200 concept engine achieves 200 kW per liter and low consumption while still meeting ever more stringent emission legislation. It is based on an innovative 4-cylinder gasoline concept and reaches 474 hp at 8000 rpm out of 1.75l engine displacement. With its new water injection it went "green", performs in the lambda-1 range and is RDE-2 compatible.


The Challenge

Find a modular high-performance engine concept

  • Which engine concept fulfills my needs best in terms of high performance, efficiency and cost?
  • Can an existing engine family be upgraded to achieve high performance output?
  • How to solve emission challenges and improve fuel consumption?
  • Which boosting system can push performance further?


The AVL Solution

  • 1.75l GDI TC engine delivering 349 kW (474 HP) @ 8000 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 422 Nm (30.5 bar BMEP) @ 7000 rpm
  • NEW: Water injection for RDE: lambda 1 operation up to 170 kW/l
  • Reinforced crankshaft, con rods, pistons
  • New cylinder head cooling concept
  • New cylinder head material
  • Updated combustion system
  • New fuel injection system layout (350 bar)
  • Revised valve train
  • Bi-turbo charging with two-stage series compressor
  • 12V / 48V DC/DC converter
  • Electric Supercharger 48V
  • Optimised periphery


The Added Value

  • New technologies such as two-stage series compressor offer a wide range compressor map providing high boost pressure with excellent efficiency.
  • Such technology can be utilized for aggressive Millerisation, improving fuel economy further.
  • The extremely challenging time frame – less than one year from concept to first presentation of driveable vehicle – was achieved with a highly motivated team and a great spirit.