RPEMS - Rapid Prototyping Engine Management System

Freely Programable and Fully Flexible Powertrain Controller

AVL RPEMS (Rapid Prototyping Engine Management System) is a generic engine controller and can be used as “open” EMS-system to operate all kinds of combustion engines during performance and emission development. Furthermore, RPEMS is able to control complete vehicle functions and to run ICE as well as electric powertrain configurations in prototype performance and functional validation tests.


The Challenge

Whenever new engines or new powertrain configurations are planned to be operated on test bed or in the vehicle the request for suitable control systems comes up.

  • How can the engine be put into operation quickly without involvement of Tier 1 EMS supplier ?
  • How to test performance and emission already in a very early stage of development ?
  • How can the powertrain be integrated into prototype vehicles for testing with very low effort, but still high level of matureness ?


The AVL Solution

  • AVL-RPEMS is a full control system for single and multi cylinder engines (test bench use, prototype vehicle use, validation of new engine and advanced powertrain concepts, …)
  • Complete application SW including drivability strategies implemented in the controller
  • Featuring fast adaptation and calibration to different types of IC engines
  • Implementation of new control strategies into controller SW and their verification can be realized extremely flexible within a short time frame


The Added Value

  • The AVL RPEMS system is a fully “open” and freely programmable EMS
  • Easy to operate, straight forward to calibrate
  • Standard calibration tool INCA PC from ETAS is used to modify calibration parameters and to flash new calibration data and/ or new program levels
  • Calibration data can be changed by AVL as well as by the customer
  • Rapid software modification capabilities by using auto code generators
  • The RPEMS SW structure (controller program code) can be changed by AVL according to the requested application

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