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Base Calibration Diesel Passenger Cars

Engine Calibration starting with base calibration in accordance with hardware requirements up to production datasets meeting all customer expectations.

Vehicle Calibration is essentially determining the customer relevant attributes of a car at the same time fulfilling legislative standards, world-wide for all markets.

Main criteria for a successful product like

  • Fuel Consumption
  • Performance
  • Emission
  • Driveability
  • OBD compliance

have to be achieved in a documentation and tool environment that ensures efficient workflow,

traceability and robustness to worldwide market demands

AVL Approach

Description of Work Packages – BASE CALIBRATION

Work Package


Torque Structure

  • Coordinate torque demands from driver and powertrain systems
  • Concert engine torque demand in injection and charge setpoints
  • Estimate the current clutch torque

Air system Modelling


  • Estimate pressures, temperatures and massflows from the air filter to the exhaus aftertreatment system
  • Accurately predict the required position of the air system actuators

Injection System


  • Ensure an accurate fuel metering under all combustion strategies and temperatures
  • Compensate hydraulic phenomena, production tolerance and lifetime drift
  • Estimate the currently injected fuel mass


Sensor Calibration


  • Accurately calibrate all sensors connected to the ECU



Start and Warm Up

  • Ensure a quick engine start and a stable engine run under standard and extreme weather conditions


Engine Coordinators

  • Coordinate the different engine operating modes
  • Consider the interaction with micro, mild and full hybrid systems


Engine Management

  • Actively reduce fuel consumption with optimized electrical and thermal energy management



Customer Benefits


Fast and accurate ECU-Model adaption with Cameo real time controller:

  • Torque to quantity adjustment
  • Injector Mapping
  • Air Flow Meter pulsation compensation


Offline simulation and optimization of ECU models with the AVL fOX™ fOpt workflow:

  • Turbocharger speed and temperature over a hill climb driving cycle
  • Volumetric efficiency adaption under cold conditions


Calibration of the pressure wave compensation

  • Fast execution of the test program with CAMEO iProcedure and iMean/iMedian measurements
  • Precise offline calibration with the AVL fOX™ pressure wave compensation workflow