Electrification Control Under Control

Control Parameter Management

The development of electric powertrains and related components is a task which is quickly increasing in complexity. Depending on which technological concept (e.g. battery-electric or hybrid) is used in the propulsion system, the degrees of freedom generate a completely new scope of possibilities that involve a lot of new control strategies and stakeholders. This makes it more and more difficult to manage and track parameter changes across all control units. As such, you need an optimal interplay of all controllers to achieve the desired driving feel and brand identity you want.

Release the Right Data
AVL CRETATM manages the data for you and helps calibration engineers to share their work, facilitate the right communication and to quickly get an overview of the remaining work and challenges which need to be solved during the remaining project phases. This ensures that at the end of the project you know what you release to the field.

Consider Safety and Security
CRETA is certified according to ISO 26262 to be able to handle even the most functional safety-critical control applications up to ASIL D. To make sure your data is traceable and stored in an auditable way, CRETA uses Blockchain technology to ensure data manipulation is monitored and protected.