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E-Motor Simulation

Multi-Disciplinary Simulation Solutions

AVL offers an entire e-motor simulation workflow starting from design concept analysis, followed by performance evaluation based on electromagnetics and continued by detailed thermal, NVH and durability analysis.

The integrated workflow includes the following engineering tasks:

  • Component sizing
  • Control strategy definition
  • Evaluating loss maps
  • Investigation and optimization of e-motor cooling
  • Structural durability
  • Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) analysis

Innovation and Interplay

AVL FIRE M, with its multi-physics simulation capabilities, supports e-motor electromagnetic analysis as well as thermal analysis and optimization. The evaluated magnetic field densities can be used for performance evaluation, loss calculation and taken as boundaries for structural dynamic models.

AVL EXCITE is a simulation tool for dynamics, durability and acoustic analysis of conventional and electrified powertrains. The electromechanical coupling of the e-motor can be considered torsionally and radially with different model fidelity levels (fundamental wave-based models or based on 2D electromagnetic pre-calculations). This coupling is required for rotor dynamic and NVH analysis.

The system simulation tool AVL CRUISE M supports component requirement specifications which act as targets for the e-motor design. During e-motor development, when the characteristics are known, mechanical and electrical integration into the powertrain can be performed virtually.