More RDE tests in a shorter time – audit-proof!

AVL’s Global RDE In-Vehicle Testing Solution

An open approach to emission testing

As global emissions legislation gets more stringent, OEMs must find ways to manage a variety of challenges, from changing legislation to an increase in testing variables as well as a new demand for data traceability. Most of all, they need to run more tests in less time, while also ensuring that these tests are audit-proof. For this reason, AVL has developed The Global RDE In-Vehicle Testing Solution.

The solution is a collection of AVL tools that is compatible with third-party products. This enables you to integrate these ground-breaking products seamlessly into your existing test architecture with minimal disruption and maximum benefit.

Comprehensive, Compatible, Seamless

These tools employ a combination of hardware and software components with automation features to enable more RDE tests in less time. The full portfolio includes:

  • AVL TFMS™ for Powertrain
  • AVL Smart Mobile Solutions
  • AVL PEMS Data Management Solution
  • AVL M.O.V.E iS+

Together they offer rapid, comprehensive, end-to-end solutions to meet all testing needs. From the management of on-road testing activities to emission measurement, secure data storage and asset management.

Power and Responsibility

Intended to deliver the most optimized RDE testing practices, tailored to the individual requirements of the OEM, The Global RDE In-Vehicle Testing Solution is highly flexible. The main priority is to create audit-proof results with the minimum effort and complexity.