Detection of audible noise at earliest development stages

Audible Noise Prediction

Simulation and analysis of electro acoustics

The AVL electro acoustic simulation approach enables to identify and stamp out sources of audible noise, as they typically appear in all types of electronic devices (DC/DC converter, power electronic, etc).

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The Challenge

Due to the increasing use of switch mode power supplies and power electronics, audible noise issues have become a rising topic within product development.

Complexity of Audible Noise Analysis

  • What is the source or root cause of my audible noise emission problem?
  • Is it possible to analyze and predict the acoustic behavior of a product without having a real sample in order to save time and cost?
  • How can the impact of standard electronic components to noise emission be detected and minimized?


The AVL Solution

The AVL audible noise simulation analysis enables to optimize the development process, as the factor noise emission issues can be solved right at the beginning. With the AVL simulation approach, the impact of electronic components on audible noise can be analyzed using physical parameters and electrical stimulation. For this, only the circuitry design and the bill of material are necessary. Furthermore, the influence of layout/component position at PCB level can be analyzed and optimized in a next step.

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The Added Value

  • Component analysis based on datasheets and electrical parameters
  • Avoid surprises at the end of development 
  • No longer need to wait for prototypes to analyze audible noise
  • Optimization of development process and reduction of cost due to minimization of redesign loops


  • Revolutionary and unique approach to audible noise prediction


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