Track the heartbeat of your lab

Monitoring Software AVL PULSE™

Boost lab efficiency with this scalable data solution

Modern automotive test laboratories are complex and expensive. Advanced equipment, demanding test schedules, staffing requirements and the constantly evolving requirements of legislation and markets make efficient lab utilization an important goal. Getting the most out of your investments is vital if costs are to be reduced and productivity maximized.

That is why we have created AVL PULSE™. This state-of-the-art monitoring and automation solution enables your operations and engineering teams to gather actionable insights about the status of your laboratory. It brings together existing operational data to create valuable information that can be acted upon and adapted to meet your organizational structure and processes.

This powerful software solution is a key part of our lab management suite of testing software. Available on both desktop and mobile, PULSE gives you the confidence of always being informed, and allows you to react immediately to the lab status wherever you are. Additionally, PULSE tracks the complete lifecycle of your test article throughout the laboratory.

As a flexible and scalable tool that requires only minor effort to maintain, it is ideal for both small labs and full enterprises. Featuring a ‘bingo board’ layout to present information in a way that is quick and easy to digest, it is designed with user experience in mind.

Additional benefits include:

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Drill down into data to gain detailed, specific insights
  • Graphical interface makes data understandable
  • Flexible to fit with your unique processes and requirements