Testing focus

Real Driving Emissions (RDE)

AVL’s complete solution portfolio for real world testing compliance

New EU6d Emission Regulation implemented Real Driving Emissions testing as an additional requirement from 2017 onwards. Real Driving Emissions (RDE) legislation adds the road as an environment for emission testing and certification. Current test environments are designed and optimized for perfect reproducibility and a removal of external influences. However, driving a vehicle on the road under "real-life" conditions will never be 100% reproducible.

The effect of the road profile, ambient conditions and the traffic situation, as well as the behavior of the driver, significantly influence test results. One-to-one comparison of test results is not possible, so instead it is necessary to handle and evaluate the test data using statistical methods. RDE legislation requires engines to operate cleanly under all conditions. This imposes significant challenges on engine design and calibration. It is here that RDE requirements can open the door for alternative technologies as well as for alternative development processes.

Why Partner with AVL?

RDE imposes new challenges and complexity on today's approach to the development of vehicles and engines. There is certainly no silver bullet to battle the ever-increasing complexity, but our complete solution portfolio makes a big difference. We can support any development project for RDE at all levels.

Instruments and Devices

As the market leader in various fields, we are committed to providing best-in-class performance, certified compliance with legislation and simple integration into test systems.

Test Systems

At AVL we cover the full range of test environments, from the first ideas in the office to the open road. Consistent operation across all test environments is ensured. AVL M.O.V.E iS+ is a tailored testing solution for global RDE on-road application.

Process Support

Our software supports test operation, calibration, model-based development and data management through the entire development process.

Key Features at a Glance

AVL M.O.V.E iS+ System has been designed to support all the different needs of global RDE regulations and applications, including passenger car and heavy-duty truck with one versatile system.


Seamless toolchain – from installation on the vehicle, test execution and data evaluation up to data exchange between different development stages.


Device control, data recording and data visualization via a central control unit. Workflows support efficient execution and evaluation of the test.


To avoid having toxic exhaust gases in the vehicle, the system has been designed for not just inside installation but particularly for installation outside the vehicle, for example, on the tow bar. No dangerous carry-on gas bottles are needed.

Quick and Easy

The pre-installed system can be quickly and easily mounted on a standard tow bar in less than 5 minutes.

Application focused design

Influences on the vehicle are eliminated thanks to the lightweight, compact and aerodynamic design of the system, which does not require any modification of the vehicle. The system supports operation with or without an exhaust flow meter.